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From The Hip is a show about pop culture, movies, music, comic books and anything else that tickles my fancy.
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Apr 30, 2017

A quick 10 minute run down of the bigger Movies coming this Summer and why Vinnie hates them all!!!  LOL!

Apr 14, 2017

Welcome to the first episode of 2017!  From The Hip has gone through some changes, not the least of which, it moved to Florida!  While unpacking I came across this interview that Matthew Buske did with my Dear Ol' Granny.  Long time listeners of the show have heard me quote her from the beginning.  Now hear all about her in her own words!

Jan 2, 2017

We did a road show!!!  Becky and Vinnie hit the pan handle of Florida to visit "Cousin Jon" and "The Wife"!  Listen in to the opinions and judgements of these four on a special guest hosted road show from Florida!  Movies, 2016 deaths of note and more!  It's From The Hip!!!

Nov 30, 2016

John and Sir Jon hit the Con scene and land a few interviews from Terrificon at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT and BingCon in Springfield, MA.  They spoke with the folks at Darby Pop Publishing, Russell Rainbolt and Steve Bissette!  Plus as a bonus they even interviewed themselves!!!  Listen in, it's From The Hip!!!

Oct 22, 2016

Pipes in the Valley, Haunted CT, Abandoned CT, CT Fig, Sticks & Stones and more!  From The Hip is all over the state of CT this month attending Cons and adventuring to the hidden gems of CT.  Check out the boys and all the From The Hip happenings as well as NFL and movie talk!

Oct 15, 2016

Join us as John Amenta has had enough!  The "Never Play Movie Buff With John Amenta" movement is in full swing and he is not happy about it!.  Special guest Lou returns for what can only be described as a spirited romp down Amenta Ave with a quick stop on Movie Buff Boulevard.  Listen in as Jon Johnson stirs the pot with ever more maniacal laughter!!!  It's From The Hip!!!

Oct 12, 2016

So for the last couple months Colin Kaepernick has gotten his fair share of press... We even recorded a quick hit that never made the air.  In light of his upcoming start this weekend I reached into the vault to share with you what the boys of From The Hip thought of his protest.  Enjoy!

Sep 4, 2016

This is something we are going to try in order to get more current content out.  Let us know what you think!

Aug 27, 2016

What is Vinnie's problem with underwear?  What has Nigel been up to?  Which Con is better Boston or Terrificon?  Liten in and find out the answers to these and more!  It's From The Hip!!!

Aug 15, 2016

We sit down with one half of the brains behind the up coming super powered card game Originz.  We had played this originally at the CT FiG and then invited Evan Hunt to come and let us test play Originz in our studio!  Vinnie got his teeth kicked in again!  Listen in, it's From The Hip.

Jul 30, 2016

The guys gather once again to discuss all of the most important things in life... Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm, John wants to see a Power Rangers: Dental Students movie and Jon Johnson get yelled out by the Rosie Perez twins!!!  It's From The Hip!!!

Jul 16, 2016

You remember Charlton comics right?  Bad paper, sometimes the covers didn't match the insides, Yang! and more... Well a couple ambitious movie makers are taking on the legend and bringing it to the silver screen.  Jackie Zbuska along with Keith Larsen, take on the Herculean task of digging through the myth to get to the truth!  A special 2 hour From The Hip awaits with international intrigue and more!!!  It's From The Hip!!!

Jun 18, 2016

On this episode the guys try not to talk about the movie none of them has seen!  No BvS on this episode... We talk all about scary episodes of 80's TV shows, Ricky Bobby and DC's newest attempt to fix the shit storm that was the New 52!!!  It's From The Hip!!!

Jun 10, 2016

Come one, come all to the From The Hip shit show... Brought to you by Malort.  The perfect liquor for when your mouth needs a kick in the balls!!!  Jeremy Beardsley joins us for a follow up to Beardsley's Choice to discuss Magic the Gathering and Malort "The champagne of pain".

May 14, 2016

We have one of our listeners join the show to talk about the summer movies coming out.  Jeremy Beardsley joins the boys on FtH to talk movies, TV and general pop culture!  Listen in to hear if Jeremy chooses to bang or raid?!?!  It's From The Hip!

May 6, 2016

From The Hip hit the CT Festival of Indie Games!!!  We interview game creators and play some great new games!!!  Movie Buff, Originz, Oh My Gods to name a few... What a fantastic time we had and we can't wait to attend next year!!!  Listen in as we talk to game creators and the man responsible for bringing the CT FiG to life... Jason Miceli!!!

May 1, 2016

Do you not buy couches because a poor whore may have been plowed on it?   Have you ever had a gentle giant sneeze popcorn on your movie?  Have no idea what I'm talking about?  Listen in to the latest From The Hip with Lin and John Amenta!!!

Apr 23, 2016

Join our discussion of the mega popular TV show LOST!  We have special guests Rachel and Jodi on the show with the guys to talk about the numbers, the Darma Initiative and more!  Listen in as John has trouble talking into the mic, Vinnie cranks the dick-o-meter up to 11 and the girls class up the joint!  It's From The Hip!!!

Apr 16, 2016

Join the guys as the talk with Jason Miceli about his games company Geek Fever Games and the CT Festival of Indie Games coming up on April 30th in New Haven!

Apr 9, 2016

The guys attempt a show that is not about pop culture.  Not so easy, especially when John attacks!!!  Canada, strippers, coin collecting, ATV riding, beer!!!  This episode has it all!  Plus comic books, movies, TV and more... Wait...  That stuff is all pop culture ain't?

Apr 2, 2016

Join the boys on a meandering trip down the path of insanity!  We recorded this episode a couple months ago but we did do some product testing.  Regrained snack bars and Jimmy Buffett Island Teas from Tradewinds Tea.  In the latest episode of From the Hip we talk about nothing and everything!  Comic reviews, movie reviews, Cam Newton, Gary Con, Edit the Sub Reddit!

Mar 27, 2016

If you are easily offended, this may not be the episode for you!  Listen in to Sir Jon's adventure at GaryCon at the former Playboy Club in Wisconsin, John takes on the Malort challenge and Vinnie claims LEGOs are a great investment strategy!  It's From The Hip!!!

Mar 12, 2016

Our good friend John Amenta and his wife got some bad news a couple years back and have finally come out the other side.  This episode of From The Hip is dedicated to those battling breast cancer.  Lin is a survivor and the Amenta's were kind enough to share their story with us.  There was some audio issues but the message is there.  You can do it!  Listen in to the very special episode of From The Hip.

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